IASPEI/IAVCEI/IAGA/IAPSO/IAMAS/IAHS International Heat Flow Commission


The International Heat Flow Commission (IHFC) is a commission of, and operates generally under guidelines set by, the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI). The International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) and the International Association of the Physical Sciences of the Ocean (IASPO) are co-sponsors of and participate in the activities of the Committee.


The Objectives of IHFC are to promote either alone or in co-operation with other international scientific organizations all aspects of geothermal research as they pertain to the missions of the parent and co-sponsoring associations. Included in these activities are:

  • Developing and recommending standards and techniques for the determination of all parameters necessary to geothermal research, such as thermophysical properties of materials, underground temperatures, quantification of geothermal energy resources, etc.;
  • Gathering, estimating quality and publishing of heat flow density data as well as other geothermal data of interest;
  • Organizing or co-sponsoring international scientific meetings and expeditions as necessary;
  • Initiating or co-sponsoring the publication of monographs about specific aspects of geothermal problems;
  • Creating Working Groups (WG) as necessary for investigating and reporting on specific geothermal problems.


  • Chair: Raquel Negrete Aranda (Mexico)
  • Vice Chair: Sven Fuchs (Germany)
  • Past Chair: Massimo verdoya (Italy)
  • Secretary: Robert Harris (USA)
  • Vice Secretary: Graeme Beardsmore (Australia)



Full member list. (http://www.ihfc-iugg.org/about/membership)

  • Graeme Beardsmore (Australia)
  • Paolo Chiozzi (Italy)
  • Petr Dedecek (Czech Republic)
  • Sven Fuchs (Germany)
  • Gianluca Gola (Italy)
  • Suze Pereira Guimaraes (Brazil)
  • Robert Harris (USA)
  • Guangzheng Jiang (China)
  • Youngmin Lee (Korea)
  • Shaowen Liu (China)
  • Mareen Lösing (Australia)
  • Raquel Negrete-Aranda (Mexico)
  • Florian Neumann (Germany)
  • Ben Norden (Germany)
  • Elif Pazvantoglu (Turkey)
  • Jeffrey Poort (France)
  • Tobias Staal (Australia)
  • Akiko Tanaka (Japan)
  • Yibo Wang (China)
  • Massimo Verdoya (Italy)


All reports: (http://www.ihfc-iugg.org/documents/reports)