Meeting of the Commission on Earthquake Source, Prediction and Modelling Hanoi, August 27, 2001


The IASPEI Commission on Earthquake Source, Prediction and Modelling held its open meeting on August 27, 2001 during the IAGA-IASPEI Joint Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam. There were 10 participants from China, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brasil and Iceland attending the meeting. Prof. P Suhadolc was asked by Dr. R E Engdahl, Secretary-General of IASPEI, who could not attend, to lead the meeting.

Three issues were discussed during the meeting, namely:

  1. Scopes of the Commission for the next two years
  2. Commission webpage and/or newsletter
  3. Developing the programmes for the IUGG 2003 Assembly in Sapporo, Japan
  4. Miscellanea

The Bureau has persuaded Dr. K Satake to act as Chair of this Commission, having previously sounded Prof. M Wyss who was not willing to chair. Responsibles for the various topics have been identified in the persons of Dr. Goltz (Germany) for topic (1) and Dr. Li Li (China) for topic (2), whereas non of those attending the meeting was willing to be responsible for topic (3). Possible candidatures are: Dr. P Reasenberg (USA), Dr. G Sobolev (Russia).

The IASPEI Bureau will send to all responsibles information on the steps to be taken to make the Commission work efficiently.

It was agreed to develop a web page for the Commission in the framework of the IASPEI homepage. It was also agreed to circulate periodically an e-mail newsletter to all members with the highlights appearing on the homepage.

The participants agreed that the Symposia proposed already for the IUGG 2003 Assembly cover the scopes of the Commission and no further symposia have been proposed.

The Chinese participants to the meeting have invited IASPEI to sponsor a symposium on the topics of the Commission at the next Meeting on Continental Earthquakes to be held in Beijing, China, September 2002. The LOC is willing to publish the proceedings of such symposium and is ready to financially help the participation of possible contributors.

P Suhadolc, chair