IASPEI Medal 2015

The IASPEI medal is awarded for merits in seismology: for sustaining IASPEI goals and activities and for scientific merits in the field of seismology and physics of the Earth's interior.

IASPEI Medal Winner 2015

Dr. Willie H.K. LEE

Acceptance Speech

Dr. James DEWEY (USA)

Dr. James DEWEY (USA) accepted the IASPEI Medal 2015 in the name of Dr. Willie H.K. LEE, who could not come to Prague and gave the acceptance speech. On 15 July 2015, the USGS celebrated the laureate Willie H.K. LEE with a small seminar and reception at Menlo Park, California. During this reception, IASPEI President Prof. Thorne LAY read the first paragraph of the Laudatio, and provided personal anecdotes from interacting with Willie on large book projects and seismogram preservation efforts.